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Münster Marathon :: Start 09.09.2018
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17. Volksbank Münster Marathons
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RUNNING GERMANY - 16. VOLKSBANK MUENSTER MARATHON - Look forward to an extraordinary marathon on September 10, 2017

"Anytime again" - we often heart that feedback from runners after the last marathon. What is so special about the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon? Runners sum it up as follows: "Short distances, very good organization, family environment, spectators with good spirit, friends and family can see you a several times along the race course, great motivational quotes at each kilometer, transition boxes for the relay runners are not disturbing for the marathon runners, many artists along the race course.? ?A huge sport- and cultural event with an unmatched finish line at the historical Prinzipalmarkt within the city centre.?



Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions(Frequently Asked Questions) about the Volksbank-Muenster-Marathon.

Accomodation Options (top)
In cooperation with Grosse-Coosmann Sportreisen we offer special accomodation options for the 16th Volksbank-Muenster-Marathon. Please don't hesitate to contact us at info@volksbank-muenster-marathon.de for detailed information.


Awards (top)
Every runner who reaches the finish line within a timelimit of 5 hours and 30 minutes will receive a finsiher medal and a technical finisher shirt. By request we will print a certification of participation on the race day at the expo (Gymnasium Paulinum). You will also be able to find the certification as a download in the results section of our website.

Baby Jogger (top)
Due to the regulations of the German Athletics Association it is not allowed to participate in the marathon with a baby jogger.

Confirmation of Registration (top)
After you have successfully completed the registration process you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Please make sure that you provide us with the right email address.

If you register in writing we will not send you an acknowledgment of receipt. We do recommend that you check your registration through our list of participants that you can find on our website (Marathon / Teilnehmer 2017).

All participants that have registered until August 5th, 2017 will receive further information about the event approxiamtely a week before the marathon.  


Deregistration (top)
If you would like to deregister from the Volksbank-Muenster-Marathon please do so under specification of your full name and bib number in written form to the following address. Please note that you will not receive the registration fee. (Please also see "Refund").

Muenster-Marathon e.V.
Windthorststr. 32
48143 Muenster
Phone: +49 251 92 77 288
Fax: +49 251 92 77 289

Email: info@volksbank-muenster-marathon.de

Dropping Out (top)
If you happen to drop out of the race you can get on the bus that drives behind the last runners of the race. The bus will bring you back to the baggage check. The bus service is free of charge. Runners that are slower than the time limit will be asked to leave the race.

Escorting along the Race Course (top)
Please note that it is not allowed to escort a participant of the marathon by bike or in any other form. If done so the runner could be disqualified.

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Impressionen von Münster

Museum Großansicht Erbdrostenhof Großansicht Kiepenkerl Großansicht Spiekerhof Großansicht Theater Großansicht Zwinger Großansicht Schloss Großansicht


Highlights an der Strecke

Highlights an der Strecke


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Weitere Informationen und Bestellungen unter info@volksbank-muenster-marathon.de

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